That Sounds CHOICE

Plain and simple: my favorite TV show of all time is Saved By the Bell.  I watch it anytime I stumble across it on TBS, or I’ll occasionally pop in the DVDs (thanks Vusan!).  I’ve seen every episode numerous times, and, for various reasons, each time I watch an episode, I find it funnier than before.  These various reasons range from noticing some horrendous piece of Slater’s wardrobe that I had previous overlooked or maybe taking a second to focus on the background synthesizer music blasting in the background while the gang hangs out at The Max.

Recently I saw episode 2, season 2, “Zack’s War”, and I bumped into another tidbit that had me LOLing.  As a result of an agreement with Mr. Belding, Zach had the duty of recruiting students to join the on-campus army cadet core program.  He uses an array of tactics to lure students into joining such as telling Louise (nerd girl) that the guy to girl ratio would be 3:1, and telling Milton (fat kid) that he would have access to more food in the army.  The LOL moment came when Zach attempted to recruit Butch, one of Bayside’s jock meatheads, by noting that he would be able to beat-up a massive number of guys in the program.  Butch responds by saying “Hey Zack, that sounds choice!”.  That. Sounds. Choice. Who says that??  Was that EVER part of any teenage slang vocabulary during the 1990s?  SBTB is so choice!!!