Catch Up

To summarize my last few months away from my blog:

–  I took Mandarin 1 at UCLA.  It felt pretty good to enroll in a proper Chinese class and tap into my Asian roots.  I’m going to hold off from enrolling in quarter 2 and try some self-study.  If done successfully, I’ll save about $600 and be able to converse with a 4 year-old Taiwanese child.

–  I’m coming up on my 3 year mark at work.  Time flies when you’re putting out fires in royalty accounting departments around the world.

–  My theory that anyone (myself included) will buy anything for $1 was confirmed when I was introduced to Red Box.  I live 1 block from a Red Box machine and nothing is more pleasant than picking up a $1 movie on the way home.  P.S. – I really liked Up in the Air.

–  I started parting my hair again.  A tribute to Andrew Lai circa 2001.

–  Can the Lakers stop sucking in time for the playoffs???  Can’t wait to watch the World Cup in HD!  Arsenal, aagghhhhh.  Yes, baseball’s back.

–  I came in 2nd in my NCAA pool!  I picked Kentucky to take the title.

–  She & Him’s ‘Volume Two’ was pleasant.  Broken Bell’s album was solid also.