Total Bargain

Certain things are totally worth their cost even though cheaper options are available: more refined vodka instead of cheap stuff, flying to Vegas instead of driving, etc.  The newest edition to the list is valet parking at the Bob Hope airport in Burbank.  As if flying out of Burbank wasn’t easy and painless enough, the valet takes it to a whole new level of comfort.  You drop the car off right out front and you’re at the security check in within 2 minutes.  Then upon your return, you scan your valet ticket at a kiosk outside your terminal where you pay with your credit card.  Once your payment is submitted, the valet is notified that you’re on your way out, and two minutes later when you arrive at pickup, your car is waiting for you!  The total amount of time between getting off the plane and getting into your car is 5 minutes.  For $20 a day, it might be worth it.