Movie Marathon

I joined Netflix with the goal of catching up on movies on the Must See list.  This list includes movies that everyone should have seen at some point and whenever someone hears that you haven’t seen a movie on this list, they can’t believe it.  Then they usually follow with a question like “Do you live in a bubble?” or something of that nature.  The original list was built on my own, and the later additions were taken from asking around.  So far I’ve seen 6 movies this month (7 if you count 500 Days of Summer which I saw in theaters and thought was really good.  The soundtrack is pretty good.).  Got lots more to go.

  • Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • High Fidelity
  • Juno
  • Knocked Up
  • Milk
  • Pulp Fiction

Also on the topic of entertainment, I saw the Fonz at the Century City mall.  I put the Fonz in the same humor class as AC Slater.  With that being said, that is a very very good class.

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