March Madness!

April 16th 2008

“…Even with UCLA losing in the Final Four, I still won the pool at work, which is a nice profitable silver lining. I’ve gotten paid out the last two years for tournament pools. I can lose every pool for the rest of my life and I’d still be satisfied…”

OK, obviously I lied about being satisfied if I lost every NCAA pool for the rest of my life even though I won the pool last year.  This year I need UConn and Pitt to come through big for me if I want to succeed in this year’s pool.  As for UCLA’s run, they really need some inside presence next year.  It’d be great if Jrue Holiday got a lot better next year too.

This is such an exciting time of year for sports!  Arsenal’s season is coming to crunch time with only 2 months left, the NBA playoffs are starting soon, baseball is about to start and of course we’re two rounds into March Madness.  Yes!

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