Dodgers vs. Cubs Game 3

What a game!  Playoff baseball is so exciting.  This was the second Dodger playoff game I’ve been to and the tension and excitement of both games was awesome.  Even for those that think baseball is boring (I know quite a few of those people), I think even they would find some joy out of some aspects of the playoffs.  First of all, since only good teams make the playoffs, there are rarely blowouts, which at times could seems just as exciting as watching cloud formations change.  Also, each game means everything in the playoffs; the total opposite of how some people feel about the impact of 1 game among 162 regular season games.

We snagged some tickets off eBay for this game at a pretty decent price.  We decided to get cheaper tickets/worse seats for both game 3 and a potential game 4 instead of getting good tickets for game 3 only.  Upon arriving at the stadium today, I was pleased to find out that the view from our seats was actually much better than I had anticipted.  Sitting in the top deck had nice perks: 1) almost virtual unobstructed bird’s eye view of the field, 2) food and bathroom are close by since the top deck isn’t that big, 3) you get a nice view of the city since you’re at such a high elevation.  Can’t wait to see the Dodgers play in the NLCS!

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