Rock Music

I went to KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas night 2 yesterday and it was a pretty decent concert. I’ve been to a few radio concerts and the biggest downside of these is, since there is a large number of acts that play, it takes upwards of 30 minutes between performances to change the stage and perform sound checks. Last night however, they used a rotating stage where on one side a band would be performing, and on the other side of the stage it was getting prepared for the next performance. The time in between sets was about 5 minutes and they stayed within 2 minutes of each scheduled set time throughout the night. Pretty sweet

The highlights of the show was the Killers showing up as the surprise guest. It was pretty cool. Usually for these types of things, the “surprise” guest is someone I hate or someone I don’t even know. The stage slowly began to rotate without any notice and the Killers started to play their new single “Shadowplay” and people went nuts.

The second highlight was Muse’s set. I like Muse a lot, however they’re not my favorite band. But I have to say, they’re songs are the coolest songs I’ve ever heard. When I hear their songs, it makes me wish I was in a video game fighting against the world on a solo mission.


Modest Mouse

Overall it was a very solid show. I enjoyed seeing Feist and the Shins too. The Gibson Amphitheatre is a nice venue. It’s not huge (I enjoyed my seat even though it sucked) and the sound is very good. The parking is great too (it’s the same parking structure as City Walk) and easy to exit.

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