Sports and Funny Dogs

It’s a great time of year for sports. Arsenal’s season is well along it’s way. Baseball playoffs are always pretty exciting. Basketball is just around the corner. Football is well into the season as well. Keeping up with everything is almost a part-time job. It takes a lot of time to watch and manage fantasy teams.

I can’t believe American Gladiators is being shown on ESPN Classic. It’s even more unbelievable that they’re making a new version of it to air on NBC.

Some people are dressing up at work for Halloween. About half of the company are older people while the other half is fairly young. It’s hard to find a costume that isn’t too boring but also isn’t inappropriate for a boring office like mine.
Speaking of inappropriate, I’ve always felt that clothing for pets in dumb. Animals are born with what they need to stay warm. On the contrary, these Halloween costumes for dogs are pretty funny:

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