Wow it’s been super hot in the valley. 106 degrees to be exact. I never really knew where the “valley” was until I started working in Woodland Hills and everyone referred to it as the valley. Some stereotypes that I’ve heard about the valley are: it’s the porn capitol, it’s really hot, has nothing cool/fun to do and is in the middle of nowhere. I don’t really think it’s in the middle of nowhere but I have seen a liquor store displaying probably about 50 autographed headshots of porn stars, it’s really really hot and kinda boring.

I recently hurt my back doing a variety of things. I think it initially started with a small injury from basketball. Then some poorly executed lifting and other sports really put me in pain. I’ve never felt so immobile in my life. Each day it feels a little better or worse, but after a solid 12 hour sleep last night, it feels a lot better. I’m at about 85% normal. I also got a super-cramp in my calf the other day sprinting for a foul ball in softball. I used to be as flexible as a rubber band. This is bullshit. Anyways I’ll be stretching daily now and I suggest you do the same.

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