It’s Tempting

Flashback to a couple months ago, I got my first speeding ticket for going 90mph on the 2 freeway. As pissed as I was initially (believe me, I was really pissed), it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. I thought with going 25mph over the speed limit, I’d either get a HUGE ticket or not be allowed to take traffic school. Well it turns out that going 26 mph over the speed limit is a big problem, but 25 is right on the cusp. Score! So the fine wasn’t as horrible as I expected and I can take traffic school to erase this from my record in 18 months.

I’m in the process of signing up for traffic school and there are 2 things that interest me. First of which is online traffic school. Basically you sit at your computer in the comfort of your home, scan through some pages of reading on some traffic school’s website, and then take a multiple choice test at the end of your reading. Another type of traffic school is the more traditional 8-hour class that you actually attend in person, but the catch is, it’s a “comedy” traffic school. It’s basically taught by aspiring comedians who try to dampen your pain of being in class for 8 hours by telling some lame jokes. As intriguing as these 2 separate options sound, I now have come across this: Internet Comedy traffic school. It’s got both! Online class with lame jokes embedded within. I’m more interested in the fact that it’s an internet class, but by checking out this front page of thier website, it looks pretty amusing too. There’s something about those 2 asian girls cracking up on the front page of a traffic school site that I find really entertaining.

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